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  1. HOUR sokrath

    August 30, 2010 at 9:10 am

    Dear Venerable,

    I am HOUR sokrath, Khmer Buddhist Monk, I am very interesting in your websit. And I am also very appreciate for your effort to create this websit. On 30,08,2010, I went to visit SCNBHS and donated some books, 168 books that written by Ven. HOUR sarriddh, to monks who are studying here. Then Venereble direcotor told me about the wibsit, I am very very happy to hearing that. And than I dicide to write the mail to you and I would like to say thank to you.

    Please the compassing and loving kinkness of Buddha take care to you all time.


    • scnbhs

      August 30, 2010 at 10:07 pm

      Dear the most venerable monk,
      I am also very glad to hear from you today. I heard about when I went to Cambodia on my mission, but I did not have enough time to visit you and all there. I just went to stay in Wat Norkor for a few days to prepare a book for printing. I met Venerable Director of BSDA, Vandong, and Ven. Prum Dy and other monks there. Actually, it is not a great effort, but I just spend a part of my time to do what I can do our high school where we used to study so long time. We have just nothing to help them, but through this way The Samdech Chuon Nath Buddhist High School in Kampong Cham Province will be known through the whole world.

      In this website I have posted very good links for teachers and students in doing researches. They just open website and then they will see many many useful links. And I also just posted the annual record of Buddhist High School which the Most Venerable Director gave me to translate into English. So, you can download these documents to read.

      In addition, nowadays I am printing a Dhamma book in Cambodia and it will be finished on 6th September. I would like this book to be distributed in Takoe where the BSDA is there. So, please kindly contact Venerable Sin Kong who prepares the printing with phone number: 077372837.

      Thank you so much for your compassion, loving-kindness and sympathy to us.
      With Metta,
      Ven. Sovann Suy (Myanmar)


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