Buddhism in Singapore

26 Aug

Buddhism in Singapore

Buddhism in Singapore is one of the most widely followed religion. Almost 61% of the Singaporeans are Buddhists. Amongst them are mainly Chinese, followed by Sinhalese and Thai Buddhists. After Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, small groups of Buddhists follow Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism. The representative organization of Buddhism in Singapore is the Singapore Buddhist Federation

The Singapore Buddhist Federation is located at 375 Race Course Road, Singapore 408932.

The Federation not only promotes the Buddhist religion and helps in imbibing religious education to the young generation but also serves the poor and the needy. Noteworthy contributions to the society include the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic for which has treated more than 12 million patients for over three decades. The wings of which have spread to six branches locations across the island, serving mainly lower income Singaporeans. The Singapore Buddhist Federation has also opened up a hospital called Ren Ci Hospital for the chronic sick, and caters to patients of all races and religions.
The Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services (SBWS) is a full member of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) and Ministry of Health (MOH). It aims to serve the society by working with the government and recognized welfare bodies. It aims to alleviate the poverty, sufferings, ignorance or ill health of needy persons. The SBWS is keen to establish institutions for the needy, aged, children or handicapped. The SBWS keenly works to promote educational and cultural activities in the nearby areas.

There are many Buddhist Meditation societies in Singapore which hold many Buddhist activities such as chanting, meditation, retreats, and dharma talks, as well as offering Buddhist courses on dharma and meditation, very often attended by thousands of devotees and adherents of the respective lineage.

The Buddhist Library is located at 2, Lorong 24A, Geylang, Singapore 398526. The Buddhist library is well facilitated with all relevant material of Buddhist text and scriptures. It conducts various workshops on medition and discourses on Buddhist religion. The Library contains an Auditorium, a shrine hall, a meditation room, a library, an art gallery, a seminar room along with an audio-visual room. It is very active body involved in popularising Buddhism not only to the locals but to the foreigners as well.

Buddhism in Singapore is the way of life. Singapore has a lot of Buddhist temples and monasteries for people to visit and enrich their knowledge of Buddhism

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