Phnom Han Chey

25 Aug

The Tourist Attractions in Kampong Cham mainly includes immense treasure of tourists’ attractive places ranging from natural wonders to archeological wonders and entertainment districts to cultural sites. The Phnom Han Chey, Kampong Cham is one of the natural wonders of the region, which is wonderful in every season. You will enjoy not only the scenic beauty of this region but also the rich culture. The nature has bestowed all its blessings on this wonderful land and the Phnom Han Chey, Kampong Cham is evidence to the fact.

The Phnom Han Chey, Kampong Cham is ideally nestled at a short distance from the centre of the Kampong Cham city. Transportation in Kampong Cham is also very efficient. There are buses and taxis that are frequent and you can easily get them to travel around the province. Kampong Cham Travel will be an exciting affair as you can visit several interesting places. The Phnom Han Chey in Kampong Cham has a official name as “Chey Kiri Mountain” and is located in the eastern part of Kampong Cham province. You will find the magnificent Mekong River flowing in the northern part of the Phnom Han Chey of Kampong Cham. The tranquil scenic village and a wonderful resort is worth checking out.

The Phnom Han Chey, Kampong Cham can be climbed easily. You will have to lead up across 295 beautiful stair steps. On reaching the top you will find a pagoda and an ancient temple. The temple of Kuk is an ancient temple made of solid bricks and is seven square meters in size. You will find another square shaped temple that is made of sandstone. You will get to witness another temple called “Pra Sat Neang Khmao” and is made of stones measuring seven square meters each.

The Phnom Han Chey of Kampong Cham is popular for its beautiful sceneries and you will find huge crows of national and international visitors enjoying the beauty of this place. You will also find beautiful bank and island of Pen near the Phnom Han Chey.

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